Walk It Off

Calgary’s winter weather is always full of surprises and with it boots full of snow, and then the next day, sloppy, muddy wet footwear. And it all comes into the house.

Entrance mats aren’t new but sometimes they don’t really reflect your design or style; they shift about; they becoming a tripping hazard.

Heated tile floors make quick work of drying up the wet but require a bit more of a budget, a tile setter and in the end, leave dried muddy ‘splops’ behind unless you are quick with the mop.

So what DO you put at the entrance to soak up all the yuck and keep the rest of your floors (relatively) clean and protected?  

Many carpet manufacturers carry a plethora of designs, materials and colors to create custom carpets and area rugs from individual tiles (approx. 20” x 20”). Many of them are suitable for walk-off mats and when considered as part of your overall flooring strategy can result in a seamless entry area to your home. I typically work with the flooring installer to create a recess (usually in a hardwood layout) into which the individual carpet tiles can be layed resulting in a flush finish from the carpet to the hardwood.  The wooden surround keeps the tile edges concealed and the rug in place; no shifting; no tripping; and most importantly NO MESS as the carpet can absorb the water without leaving a trace behind.

The carpet tiles can be cut to create your own design and can be installed without any specialized tools or skills. All that’s required is a cutting mat, metal square, x-acto knife, and a little bit of double sided carpet tape. If one of the tiles gets a little dirty, you can pop it out of the rug, rinse it, and pop it back in place to dry.

So don’t be afraid to walk it off. Your floors will thank you.

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